Sprinkler Repair & Installation Perth

Summer can be very dry in Perth which may cause your grass to develop yellow patches or even your plants to die. Call the experts at Perth Retic Repair for all your sprinkler issues. Our team can help diagnose and repair your retic issues. Leaking sprinklers, dry patches, faulty nozzles & more, we can supply and replace your faulty sprinklers with quality Hunter & Toro Sprinklers.

Our Services Include:

  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Supply & Install New Sprinklers
  • Replace Existing Sprinklers
  • Upgrade your Sprinklers
  • Precision Nozzles
  • Install and Set-up Hunter Mp Rotators

More Services:

  • Install & Maintain Hunter Gear Drive Sprinklers
  • Fix Low Pressure Problems
  • Concrete Protection
  • Car Proofing
  • & More!

Commercial Hunter Sprinklers

We can supply & install Hunter Gear Drive Sprinklers for large scale commercial retic designs

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles

We can design & install your retic system! We use water saving MP Rotators which save up to 30% more water

Hunter Gear Drive Sprinklers

We can supply and install Hunter Gear Drive Sprinklers