Excessively High Water Bills?

Are you water bills way higher than you thought? You could have a faulty Solenoid Valve. Call Perth Retic Repair to diagnose and solve your Solenoid Valve problems. Our expertise can help you save hundreds in water bills and more!

Leaking Sprinklers?

If you have noticed leaking sprinkler heads you could have a faulty Solenoid Valve. Call the experts at Perth Retic Repair to diagnose your sprinkler problems. Our team is dedicated to helping you solve your retic problems.

Broken Valves?

If your stations not turning on this could be due to a faulty Solenoid Valve, Diagram or Solenoid Coil. Call Perth Retic Repair to help diagnose and fix your retic problems. We service all solenoid brands including Hunter, Toro, Orbit & More!

Low Pressure?

Are you experiencing lower than normal pressure in your sprinkler heads? Are you starting to notice dry patches in your lawn, let the experts at Perth Retic Repair diagnose and solve your irrigation problems with our years of experience in retic maintenance.

Our Services

  • Locating Solenoid Valves
  • Fixing Leaking Valves
  • Maintenance on Valves
  • Supply/Installation of Solenoid Valves
  • Replacement of Broken Solenoid Valves
  • Upgrading Valves
  • Relocating Solenoid Valves

More Services:

  • Adding New Valves/Stations
  • Battery Powered Valves
  • Faulty Solenoid Wiring Repair
  • Replacing Solenoid Electrical Cable
  • Locating & Diagnosing Wire Problems
  • General Maintenance on the System
  • & More!!

Solenoid Valve Installation

Servicing & Installing Hunter, Irritrol, Richdel, Orbit & More!

Locate Missing Solenoids

Having trouble finding and fixing your solenoids! We have the tools and experience to get the job done.

Design, Supply & Install

Perth Retic Repair can get the job done! Call the solenoid experts today.